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Cytotoxicity assay

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Cytostatic drug treatment

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Cytotoxicity assay with zenCELL owl

Visualize drug effects on cell morphology

Assays designed to measure cytotoxicity in vitro are used to predict tissue-specific toxicity or to identify leads for anti-cancer therapies. The cytotoxicity assay is widely used in the pharmaceutical industry and is a fundamental tool in the drug discovery process. Use the zenCELL owl incubator microscope for long term monitoring of dynamic changes in cell morphology as a result of drug treatment.

Automate multiple assays

Evaluate the cytotoxic effect of different agents on up to 24 cell cultures simultaneously and in long-term. Automatic and around the clock data capturing enables to analyze every time-point of your cytotoxicity assay retrospectively and detailed. Observe changes in morphology and confluence online from outside the lab. zenCELL owl helps you to raise validity and reproducibility with lower efforts.

Compare different drug effects under identical conditions

Create defined and stable environmental conditions and keep the cell cultures in the incubator. Analyze dynamic changes on single cell level and create time lapse videos for your documentation. Compare different drugs or different drug concentrations under identical environment conditions in an automated noninvasive way. 

Practical example

Cytotoxicity assays with zenCELL owl

Monitor morphological drug effects

L929 mouse fibroblast cell cultures were treated with different concentrations of the cytostatic drugs Chloroacetaldehyde (CAA) and Doxorubicin (DOX). Drug treatment results in growth inhibition, loss of the original cell morphology and changes of intracellular granulation. Finally, drug treatment results in cell death. A time dependent dose-effect relationship can be observed for both cytostatic drugs.

CAA Effects on Cell Morphology

DOX Effects on Cell Morphology

CAA Effects on Cell Morphology
CAA treatment results in a dose-dependent growth inhibition, loss of cell morphology and cell death. Digital phase-contrast imaging of L929 cells. Scalebar: 200 µm
Application Note Cytotoxicity Assay
DOX treatment results in growth inhibition, loss of cell morphology and cell death. Digital phase-contrast imaging of L929 cells. Scalebar: 200 µm.

Cytotoxicity assay – Application Note

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