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Scratch assay

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Scratch assay with zenCELL owl

Analyze detailed dynamic changes

The wound healing, migration assay or scratch assay is a standard method to analyze cell migration in vitro. The dynamics of cell migration into a cell-free area, which has been created by direct manipulation or physical exclusion, are monitored and quantified to analyze cell migration characteristics and to calculate the gap closure time.

Dynamic data acquisition for dynamic processes

With conventional manual microscopy it is not possible to analyze each dynamic change which happens on cell levels at any time. zenCELL owl records pictures in an intervals of 5 minutes and every cell movement in detail – also during long-term analyses.

Wound healing speed – accurately calculated

Observe and control every time-point and step of wound healing process retrospectively and in detail. Calculate the speed of wound healing by analyzing the increase of confluence in the gap area.

Parallelize 24 migration assays under identical conditions

The simultaneous analysis of cell morphology and confluence in up to 24 wells under identical conditions optimizes the comparability of your results and reproducibility of data.

Practical example

Scratch assay with zenCELL owl

Visualize and analyze the process of gap closure

A migration assay of L929 fibroblasts were performed over a time period of 24 hours. The gap was inserted in a confluent monolayer by a pipet tip (0 hours). 1 hour after inserting the gap cells on the edge start to migrate. Within a time-period of 24 hours the cell migration results in a continuous closure of the gap.

Calculate the speed of gap closure

Data of Cell Coverage can be used to calculate the “Relative Gap Area” manually. Plotted as a function of time, the time-point of half gap closure (t1/2 Gap Closure) can be determined from this graph.

Gap Closure Image

Scratch assay – Application Note

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